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Museum of farming

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Museum of farming in Floing


Familie Höfler
Oberfeistritz 38
8183 Floing

Tel: +43 (0) 3177 / 3458
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A few hundred metres behind the Castle Külml towards Puch bei Weiz is the property of the Höfler family, the ‘Salnthomashof’. The comprehensive folkloristic collection of Franz Höfler, who died in 1993, can be viewed here on a small open-air site and over several rooms.

Having experienced the upheaval of the transition from manual to machine-based agriculture, from the 50s onwards he compiled evidence of a rural economy which was gradually coming to an end. The tour starts outside and leads past ploughs, a machine to plant potatoes, an old press, field forges and other agricultural machinery.

In the garage and annex, there are a large number of tools which were essential to farming life and work on the farmyard and in the fields: threshing machines, sawhorses, livestock equipment, thatched roof machinery, farmyard tools, equipment for forestry work and much more.

The cellar underneath the residential building houses farmyard tools e.g. equipment for animal care, a carpentry basket and shoemaking tools etc.


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