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Energy in St. Jakob

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Kräftereich St. Jakob im Walde
Kirchenviertel 70
8255 St. Jakob im Walde

Tel: +43 (0) 3336 / 20257
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e-mail: office (at) kraeftereich. at

The ‘Kräftereich St. Jakob’ (kingdom of energy) is an exhibition to explore with all the senses!
Explore the theme of ‘energy’ from different perspectives on 3 levels inside and in the herb garden outside. Discover the unique Chakra tower, see your star sign in the starry sky at the push of a button, hear the sounds of the world’s religions chime from the large bells and be amazed by a noise-free jet of water.

Experience energy in this kingdom of power, myth and reality. Test your body for coordination, strength, stamina, speed and mobility at various stations along the way.

The best way to explore this kingdom of energy is with an in-depth tour of the individual themed areas.

Kräftereich St. Jakob, large bells
Kräftereich St. Jakob, Garden outside
Kräftereich St. Jakob, exhibition

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General Map


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