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Walking in St. Ruprecht


There are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a little walk in and around St. Ruprecht.
The 6 St. Ruprecht footpaths are well-signposted and are suitable for all the family and for every age group.

Footpath 1 is the ‘Tour route’ (1.4km) starting at the park and leading around St. Ruprecht once.

Footpath 2 is the ‘Banks of the Raab tour’ (2.4 km). This walk leads from the park along the banks of the Raab to the purification plant and back again.

Footpath 3 is the ‘Burgthann trail’. The 2.5 km circular route is named after the partner community of Burgthann and runs from the park along the Raaballee to the Stephanie spring. You can enjoy beautiful views across the resort along from the orchards.

Footpath 4 is the ‘Route to the Hubertus Chapel’. The 4.1 km walk leads from the park via the main square and along the Gartengasse towards Arndorf. It then leads past the Papadi Cross to the Hubertus Chapel.

Footpath 5 is particularly charming – a walk to the Freiberg Castle. The route leads from the park to the Stephanie Spring, past the golf course and on to the castle – magnificent views are guaranteed. The journey there and back is a challenging 7 km compared to the other walks.

Footpath 6 is even more challenging. The ‘Breitegg trail’ is 9.4 km long. It starts in the park and runs over the Kalvarienberg to the church in Breitegg and via Grub along the Stadlerstrasse, past the Stadl castle and back to St. Ruprecht.


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